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Build with Chrome

Google. (2013). Build with chrome [website. Retrieved from https://www.buildwithchrome.com/

In this interactive website, Google pairs with Lego to bring our favourite building blocks to the internet.

The simple user interface that is characteristic of Google lets users choose three options: Explore All Builds, in which users can see what other users are building; Master Your Skills, in which users can attend the Lego Academy to challenging their building skills; or Start Building, in which users can free build. In order to save work, users must make an account. However, they can still access the features without an account.

In the Academy, users work with characters from the Lego Movie to build familiar structures from the movie.

This website is addicting and nostalgic. While it may be lacking the tactility of the classic toy, it is realistic and evokes the same excitement of making something from blocks. It fosters creativity, and I like the idea that it is free, especially since the toy itself can be quite pricey.

Considering I just wasted an hour and a half playing in the Academy and didn’t notice the time go by (and the fact that the site is easy to use), I give this website a 4.5 out of 5 and a strong caution that it is addicting.