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Mabel Murple by Sheree Fitch and Sydney Smith

Fitch, S., & Smith, S. (illustrator). (2010). Mabel Murple. Halifax, NS: Nimbus Publishing.


On a rainy day, a young girl imagines what it would be like to live in a world that was entirely purple. What follows is the adventures of Mabel Murple in her purple life.

This new edition of the classic poem combines Fitch’s silly rhymes with Smith’s fun images in a story that exudes purple-ness. This fun and carefree poem is a great introduction to poetry for young readers. It would also make for a great story time tale that would likely have children laughing in their seats.

Having never read Sheree Fitch before, I now understand the appeal! Mabel Murple gets a purple 4.5 out of 5!

Oliver by Birgitta Sif

Sif, B. (2012). Oliver. Somerville, Mass: Candlewick Press.


Oliver isn’t like everyone else. He likes to do his own thing and lives in his own world. But one day he meets someone new and realizes its alright to let someone new into your life.

This story is beautiful. Oliver is a bit of a loner, but finds company in his toys and his imagination, which, to me, was very relatable.

The illustrations are intricately detailed, and they’re part of the story, telling as much as the words.

This is a great story for younger children. I give it a 4.5 out of 5!