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Divergent [the Movie]

Wick, D. (Producer), & Burger, Neil (Director). (2014). Divergent [Motion picture]. United States: Lionsgate.

divergent movie

Based on Veronica Roth’s book of the same titleDivergent tells the story of Tris, who must decide whether she will continue to live with her family or leave them forever, while navigating the fact that she must hide her true self from the government.

For those who have read the book, the film adaptation follows the plot closely and accurately represents Roth’s story. For those who haven’t read the book, the movie is still enjoyable and can stand alone from the book. In fact, the movie is so captivating that it would likely prompt viewers to read the books.

Like the book, this movie would appeal to anyone who enjoys dystopian stories, action and adventure, and attempts to usurp controlling governments. Insofar that this is a dystopian film, it is similar to other hits like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. At the same time, it is unique and thrilling.

Because of its likeness to the book, as well as how good it is on its own, warrants this film a 5 out of 5, much like the book.