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Ladybug: The Magazine for Young Children

Ladybug. (November/December 2015).


This magazine is created for young children. It is full of short stories, poems, and songs, all of which are beautifully illustrated.

The stories are diverse and engaging, with something to appeal to many young readers. It is at a level that children could read the magazines on their own, or with the help of an adult.

As a kid, I remember being so excited when my Highlights magazine came in the mail. I think that Ladybug is a great option for younger readers, who will look forward to getting a new set of stories every month.

Because of the lovely illustrations and stories, I give this magazine a 4.5 out of 5.

Mollie Makes: Issue 49

Mollie Makes. (2015, January). Issue 49.


Mollie Makes is a beautiful crafting magazine that provides tutorials and articles about interior design and trends in the design field. This issue also features an article about Sara Duchars, who has successfully started her own crafting business called Buttonbag.

This magazine, full of soft pastel colours, is visually appealing to read. Many of the craft ideas are trendy and things that people could actually make. While this magazine would appeal to anyone with a creative streak, many of the guides assume a basic level of knowledge. For example, the crochet patterns do not teach readers how to crochet. Nevertheless, it is a great resource.

The aesthetic beauty of this magazine and broad assortment of articles and guides earn Mollie Makes a 4.5.

Seventeen Magazine: February 2015 Issue

Seventeen. (2015, February).


This issue of Seventeen magazine, with Victoria Justice on the cover, gives readers tips on confidence, room decorations, hairstyles, and makeup. Because it is the February issue, there are several articles about Valentine’s Day and romance.

One of the strengths of Seventeen is that constantly appeals to its targeted audience: teenagers. The articles are fun and realistic, covering issues that real teenagers may face. The fashion suggestions are outfits that teens would actually wear and could likely afford. While the target audience is primarily teenage girls, anyone interest in makeup, fashion, and fitness would like find this a worthwhile read.

Overall, this issue of Seventeen was fun and easy to read. It was appealing and the stories within seemed applicable to teenagers, especially a story about college admissions. I would score this a 4 out of 5. It slightly lacks depth and substance, yet is still enjoyable.