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The Teen Scene @ Woodstock Public Library

The Teen Scene @ Woodstock Public Library [webpage]. (n.d.). Retrieved fromĀ

The Woodstock Public Library Teen Scene provides teens with plenty of resources and information, such as hot picks, recommendations, and read-alikes. A side menu also links viewers to e-books and audiobooks, the teen advisory group, teen programs, and homework help. There is also a link to the Teen Scene Blog, which is all about books for YA readers.

This webpage is visually appealing. The colour and design changes from the main homepage of the Woodstock Public Library website, marking it as a separate space for teens. A wide age range of teens would likely find this webpage useful. The Teen Space webpage focuses on providing information for teens. The Teen Scene blog seems to give teens a chance to engage in an online space, especially as the tagline of the blog is “an online meeting space for teens at the Woodstock Public Library.”

On its own, the Teen Space is useful and functional. The Teen Scene blog is an added bonus to this resource. It deserves a 4 out of 5.

Beaverton City Library’s Teen Space

Beaverton City Library’s Teen Space [webpage]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

teen library

This library resource for teens is clean and simple. It is a separate page from the main library’s website, meaning that teens do, indeed, have their own space. There are tabs for book lists, events and contests, and homework help. Menus offer information about suggesting purchases, the teen library council, teen book reviews, reading and research, using the library, and my account.

The design and colours (yellow, blue, and purple) of Beaverton’s Teen Space webpage may appeal more to a younger teenage audience, perhaps ages 13-16. Nevertheless, the information presented can be of use to any teens.

Although the design may be a little cheesy, this is still a space just for teens and goes beyond black text on a white background. I especially like the option for teens to suggest a purchase, which involves them in the selection process of their reading materials.

On the whole, this resource is engaging and informative, if perhaps a little corny. It deserves a 4 out of 5.